Saturday, May 24, 2008

I Touch Myself - To Know Myself

I touch myself in order to better know myself in order to better know my partners and my sex. Believe it or not some people still consider masturbation to be taboo. That the act of self love, knowing and loving ones self is discouraged. Up until 1949 masturbation was "cured" in women by clitoral castration in the good old US of A. That was less than 60 years ago! And we wonder why some women have difficulty achieving orgasm or letting themselves be fully immersed in sexual pleasure. We are fighting years of sexual repression, sex negativity, and frigid anti-sex feminists. It is time for us to reclaim our bodies. To reclaim our sexual prowess and pleasure. To rediscover self love and acknowledge each orgasm as a revolutionary act in which we are seizing back our sexual power and embracing our sexual selves. I'm talking about the kind of orgasm that starts at the core of the earth a shimmies and writhes with tremors through your neighborhood. The kind of orgasm that cracks the foundation of your apartment wiggling its way through the floor boards and up your bed posts. The kind of orgasm that you feel making its way through your body in waves of warm erotic energy that build and build and crash sending your body into convulsions before you start again and again and again. It will build. Beautiful warmth will build into an intense rebirthing of your sexual self.

It is National Masturbation Month which means all of you should take this opportunity to rediscover your self, your pleasure, a new kink, a new flavor of erotic pleasure.

My art gallery Femina Potens is celebrating with a new and exciting art exhibit entitled "I Touch Myself". If you are in SF you should swing by and check it out. We are located at 2199 Market St in the Castro. If you are not in SF you can check out the show online on our web site under store and rotating exhibit - all of the work there is for sale so you can have a bit of masturbation celebration sent to your door. Also if you are in SF you should check me out at the Masturbate-a-thon tomorrow at the Center for Sex and Culture(which is the genius organization founded by sexual revolutionary Carol Queen and her partner Robert Lawrence) or check it out online at through the live feed.

Happy Wanking!
Madison Young

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Good luck! :)