Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Sophia and Puck are invited to a Pep Rally in my Pants

7 Minutes in Heaven: Coming Out

Directed by Courtney Trouble

Reel Queer Productions

presents a Good Releasing Film

Courtney Trouble's 7 Minutes in Heaven is a delicious blend of honest raw sexuality springing forth in a completely organic unscripted fashion with real people with great chemistry. Bring on the tattoos, piercings, and cowboy boots in this queer sex free for all. The film offers a diverse cast with persons of different body types, gender identities and ethnicities. The film is very playful has a very young punk rock/alt feel to it. There are women experiencing their first time having sex in front of the camera and women experiencing their first queer sexual explorations. It feels very natural and innocent. There are excellent moments in the film that really capture who these people are, what they're interests are, and gives us an excellent portrait of these characters outside of the sex they are having. We feel like we know them, we care about them and so the sex they are sharing for the camera seems that much more intimate and sexy. The music is excellent and adds to the film. I love great music in porn, it always helps me to open up more and get more intimately involved with the characters that I'm watching.

The characters in the film feel genuine. They are mostly amateur performers which at times lends to lulls in a scene or not the best views of close up penetration shots but at the same time gives it a sense of believability. We know that this is a porn, that there is voyeur shooting the film. At times the camera is shaky or moving in for the shot but it makes it feel really hot and pervy in a really sexy way. Courtney is one of the characters, "the watcher" and her presence makes the scenes even hotter for me. I love the fact that there aren't really any fake nails and the chipped finger nail polish gives me a huge hard on.

In the film there seems to be multiple sex scenes happening at the same time which can be a little distracting to the viewer. It seems like it would be really hot if I was there and having sex, but is a little distracting for me on this side of the screen. There is a delicious variance is types of scenes that take place in the film. The majority of the scenes tend to be a little softer than my taste - I prefer more sm, ds, fisting, rough sex scenes. But I feel like this film is really perfect and approachable for couples, lesbians, queers, and persons interested in mostly vanilla sex.

There is a nice light ds dynamic between Carson and Puck. These two have fabulous energy. And they are both incredibly hot in this scene. There is some delightful cock sucking - which is always a favorite of mine and some threesome action with Tina Horn.

Speaking of Tina Horn... this woman is amazing. What a sexual appetite? Tina is one voracious femme slut with an insatiable appetite for erotic connection and can flip from top to bottom with the blink of an eye lash and a spank on the bottom.

Tina and Sophia have a wonderful scene. New comer Sophia has rocked my world, she is stunning, simply stunning. I want her in my bed now. Sophia orgasms beautifully. There is a really tender sweet moment where Tina cradles Sophia's head against her chest as she cries out in climax.

Jolene is another new performer. She has gorgeous porcelain skin and pretty pink nipples. She looks like the Ivory Soap girl with a septum piercing, pure, beautiful and ready to be defiled. Jolene emotes beautifully and is soft and curvy, she has this milky flesh and blushing cheeks when she's getting turned on. Some of the footage looks a little grainy, I think maybe it was a low light situation, but I easily forgave that and gave into Jolene's whimpers in the bathroom sex scene.

Sophia and Puck have a really hot chemistry. I think that was one of my favorite scenes. Puck is hot, sexy and full of geekiness. There was great communication in this scene and negotiation. Puck has this charming nervousness about him and Sophia is simply a natural with really hot body. Puck wields a strap on like a champ and offers up the hottest fucking in the film. After they finished I wanted even more. I could have watched just the two of them for another hour.

There was a lot of sex in this film. A lot. I lost track of how many scenes there were. Some of the scenes are shorter but you have every variation of couples that you could imagine(including threesomes and an orgy) and each scene is filled with a genuine desire for the performers to connect sexually with their chosen play mates. There is a something in this film for everyone. 120 minutes of hot sexy fun.

Stars and Cast:

Cast: Carson Jae Joline Parton Puck Goodfellow Sarah Lee Sinful Sophia Tina Horn