Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Now Accepting Writing Submissions

The Madison Young Network of Web sites is now accepting written articles, reviews and stories. Please email Madison Young at with submissions for consideration.
- looking for reviews from self identified women on
sex toys, kinky,sex pos, or lgbt spaces or events, erotic films, books or porn, travel articles that have a focus on sex pos or kink community, essays on sexual politics relating to women, sexual edu articles. Each piece should be around 500 word no more than 700 words.$25 for each piece excepted.
- educational or instructional articles on fisting, first hand fisting experiences, reviews on products or films that relate to fisting, articles on politics around fisting, erotica on fisting. Each piece should be around 500 words no more than 700 words.$25 for each piece excepted. looking for pieces submitted by persons of all gender identities and orientations on their varied experiences w/ fisting.
- Pulp Lesbian Fiction Erotica Stories Each piece should be around 1000 words no more than 1500 words. $25 for each piece excepted. Looking for pieces from lesbian and queer identified writers.


CriminallyVu1gar said...

Looking for any male writers, or female writers only?

bairdduvessa said...

stupid penis keeping me from money...
good luck though :) said...

Hi Madison! I sent you an email and would love to contribute :).