Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Viva la Porn Revolution

I'm sick and bed ridden, sore throat and dizzy with fever but I can't escape the thoughts floating around my head. Thoughts of the porn revolution. Thoughts of our growing forces and increasing visibility.

I've directed scenes for 3 different queer porns this month. And time and time again I'm wowed by the amazing dedication of my fellow performers and crew. Hiking up hills in San Francisco weather to get naked and have hot sex under a tree in a park. Spending long days on set studying lines, researching characters,connecting with performers and crew not only on set but in queer activism, in artistic collaborations, in fundraising, in building a community around sex positive activists,artists,queers who are coming together in porn. This world, this community is so completly different from that which I have come to know in LA where it truly feels like everyone is only there for a pay check and where I feel isolated from any kind of real community. The performances generated from community members incorporates depth and genuine connection and orgasms rather than just a hollow image of sex.

In my latest film "Art House" sexual revolutionaries such as Sadie Lune, Trouble Royale of NoFauxxx.com and Twincest (www.twincest.net) all were in attendance and collaborating on a major level. Twincest offered up a hot sex scene that referenced 70s feminist performance artists Yoko Ono's "cut" piece and Carolee Schneemann's "Meat Joy". The performance art couple had sex over a bed of lunch meats while wearing long blonde wigs which they piece by piece cut locks of hair from as they jointly suckled on hot dogs and came in each other's mouths while being sploshed with tomato soup, a sexual act we have now coined as being the "warhol".

In another scene Shawn of Twincest distracts me by performing sexual acts as I'm being asked personal and prying questions by a Warhol like character who appears off camera played by the remarkable Sadie Lune. This scene references the Warhol film "Beauty #2" which you can check out on You Tube if you are unfamiliar. Photos from the scene are now available at www.NoFauxxx.com. And Art House will be available in early September.