Saturday, October 17, 2009

Dia Zerva; curiosity and sexual discovery

Dia Zerva is a smart, funny, and very powerful woman that has an inquisitive mind and a body that can handle just about anything. She has a beautiful heart and body and is a woman that I'm very honored to have met and worked with on numerous occasions. It has been a joy to watch as she has unleashed sexual self and discovered new kinks and fetishes in front of the camera. Love you Dia.

What were you like growing up? Were you experimental sexually from a young age or did you take your time sexually?

My dad called me Elly Mae and my nickname was PigPen. I was a tomboy with a lot of scrapes and bumps from my adventures in sports and outdoor fun. Growing up in a relatively conservative Midwestern family, things were always made from scratch and there was not a lot of money to travel. I was left alone to my own devices and these formative years really made me who I am.

I have always been an imaginative person and I recall my attraction to both sexes was at a very young age. As stereotypical it may sound, I thought it cool as a 4 year old that my mom?s softball team consisted of a lot of masculine women. My mom is a tomboy by nature too and I was surrounded by women that acted in both roles.

Although there were moments of close sexual experiments, it was only until I was in the Marine Corps that I lost my virginity. Prior to that, I experimented only with boys as I was raised in an area where liking women would be unheard of and ?scandalous.? But I always had the feeling that another lesbian or bisexual woman knew what I was thinking?

What were you like growing up? Were you experimental sexually from a young age or did you take your time sexually?

When was the first time you remember sexually being aroused or intrigued by kink or fetish? Describe this experience for us.

I was fascinated with being restrained. When there was a family get-together, I would ask my cousins if they wanted to play my game called ?Tied Up? and I would be the one tied up. It happened only once and I tried to convince them to play again. I used to pin down my girl cousins too as we pretended to kiss by covering our hands over our mouths imitating what I saw on television. There are a lot of snippets growing up that happened or bout which I fantasized, but as Catholicism and a very protective mother started to take more control of my mannerisms, things became more and more repressed.

What did you go to college for and what were you doing before you started performing in the adult industry?

I studied classical guitar, the French horn and other instruments through grammar to high school and was going to pursue a music career. At 17, I was recruited into the United States Marine Corps and played the French horn in the Marine band. When I saw the uniform, the opportunities to travel and move out of my little town, I had to take the challenge. Once I finished my Marine Corps career and ended a horrible marriage at a young age, I moved back to Pittsburgh , PA and finished my bachelor?s degree in English. Almost two years in Pittsburgh and ready to graduate, I met my Man and Master. He helped me move out west with him and we worked together in the publishing/graphic design industry specializing in motorcycles. Unfortunately work was dwindling and I began working in real estate. My work in real estate started in title moving onto mortgages and now I have a broker?s license in California and a banking license in Nevada .

If you could give an adult actress 3 bits of advice about going about buying a house, what would you tell her?

Let me see your credit report
Are you incorporated? If so, you need to prove income for 2 plus years for you to be considered full time to buy a home.
Plan to have at least 6 months of overhead in the bank that is seasoned for at least 6 months.
CALL ME (I know you said 3, Madison , haha)

Why did you decide to get into performing in the adult industry?

As all these career changes happened, my Man, Wordman, was helping me get out all the repression I had with my sexuality, self-image and insecurities. ?You need to see what I see when you wake up naked beside me...? What started as an exercise of seeing myself in the nude transformed into an exploration of myself and what I desire. I hated my body for so long and tried to hide myself in large clothes. It is sad to think of how down I was on myself. I am thankful that part of my life is over and that I have been able to help others.

So each step into fulltime performing in the adult industry has been well thought and planned with my partner. I began doing simple nude work, then foot fetish/WAM or wet and messy with local friends, then I met a beautiful woman who really opened things up for me. I became bisexual. I felt at home in my heart. It seems that at this point over three years ago, that my career began to pick up and here I am now.

Were you an avid porn watcher before you got into the industry and if so what kind of porn was the most interesting to you?

I wouldn?t say I was avid, but I watched anything I could get my hands on. If I had to say what was most inspirational it was Andrew Blake and (although admittedly not porn), women in prison movies. I am a nut for low budget horror movies or action from the early 70s/late 60s that has that softcore quality to it. I just wanna see some boobies, haha

What is one of your greatest unfulfilled fantasies?

Blindfolded, bound, many hands wearing latex gloves?

What are your favorite scenes to take part in? Who are your favorite performers and directors to work with and why?

I will need to break this down a bit?too much to share

It can be any type of scene: BDSM, hardcore porn, wrestling, foot work or sploshing. I love scenes with people that love to have sex or are so charged with what they are doing. It sounds odd that my opinion is simple. The energy has to be there and the creativity begins. I could be on a tree branch making out and be content.

So, now the list begins and these are wonderful people that have that energy.

You ready????

Favorite performers?
Anytime someone asks for suggestions, these names come to mind.
Syd Blakovich, Satine Phoenix, Melanie Monroe, Sarah Blake, Dylan Ryan (still remember that from last year for Writers and Rockstars), January Seraph, Adrianna Nicole, Amber Rayne, Ariel X, Dragonlily, Mz. Berlin, Trina Michaels, Paris Kennedy, Rocco Reed, Mr. Markus, Sean Michaels, David Perry

Wishlist performers ?
I watched them perform or I have partially performed with them and just look forward to having actual scenes.
There are many I have not worked with yet but admire their work. Aiden Star, Belladonna, Jiz Lee, Fivestar and Justine Jolie are beautiful people I hope to work with soon.

Each woman has paved their way to their position in life. I look up to them and they set great examples.
Claire Adams
Madison Young (duh!)
Kylie Ireland

These directors embrace what you can give into the scene. They encourage it and make the experience even better!
Kink? Everyone
Jules Jordan ? Mike John and Tim Von Swine
Sweetheart ? Nica Noelle
Triangle ? Katherine Annelle
NoFauxxx ? Courtney Trouble
Girlfriends Films - Dan
Academy Wrestling ? Uncle Bruce Wrestling ? Terry
Footmode Productions ? Leo
Tin Pan Productions ? Peter the Pie Man ? the start of my foot fetish and sploshing

Do you feel like porn is a sexually empowering experience for you and if so how?

I do. My stage name may be Dia Zerva but you get me, the woman in the flesh, behind the name. I have read recently that I smile a lot when I am in a scene or just having sex. I am so happy with what I am doing both giving and receiving. I have come into my own and just wish to exude it. I have nothing to hide.

What have you discovered about yourself sexually through porn?

First BDSM?it has changed my life for the better both in my relationships and how I process and communicate. Second is anal. I had a sad experience many years ago where I was violated and I have been able to turn that around into something wonderful. As I mentioned to you Madison, you were a catalyst for me and I will always thank you!

What projects are you working on outside of porn?

A lot are related to the business and building my own business. As time allows I get current with the mortgage aspect of the economy. My attentions are really diverse and in the past month I have been dedicating time to playing classical guitar again and training. It is so easy to forget to do things that have molded you into who you are. My classical guitar is an old friend and I wish to perform out again. Also, I enjoy training and plan to do a marathon in 2010. Most of what is on my plate are long term goals and projects.

You practice Jiu-Jitsu, correct? Could you tell us a little bit about your interest in wrestling and how that developed?

I do practice Jiu-Jitsu, but currently my training is straight grappling and kickboxing. Dragonlily, is practically my neighbor and we have decided to train together as our schedules allow. I am really excited with this prospect, even it if is twice a month. I have also discovered a great MMA facility close to my home with a very flexible schedule which is perfect for what I need right now. Let?s see what happens in a couple of months!

Do you find wrestling to be sexually arousing or is it purely competitive? Are you competitive when you are engaging in sex?

Mixed wrestling, unless it is with Wordman & another male friend is not arousing to me. I do session wrestling with a variety of men of all ages and sizes and I feel like I am a facilitator in taking them where they need to go. This is where the dominating skills I have been honing for the past 12 months of session wrestling have allowed me to more fully understand different needs and personalities of my clients.

Femme/Femme wrestling is totally arousing and competitive especially when I know the other woman is into it as much as I am. Something about the flirty smile while squeezing the opponent, the sweat, pinning?it is so raw.

You are also a professional dom/wrestler correct? Can you tell us a little about this element of sex work?

I am a professional domme specializing in wrestling and expanding more into other realms. I have been session wrestling for over a year now and this has been my infancy stage for dominating. Although it could be tied to sex work, please understand that I DO NOT ever engage in any sort of sexual activity while session wrestling or dominating. I don?t do this and I never will. A wrestling session can range from pure impact play to psychological. Some sessions have an undertone of infantilism or I take the person back to their adolescence when a girl would beat him up. Other sessions have smothering, breath play or belly punching. With each person there is something unique and I do a lot of screening and communication prior to the session. It is almost like a case file where I interview them and ensure what will happen during their experience. We come to an agreement of what will happen then meet for the session. I have a security guard with me at all times (usually Wordman) who stands close by. Our protocol is that I call him prior to the start of the session to ensure my safety. I then call or send him text messages throughout the session. My clients are all made aware that if they screw up, a huge leather boot will kick in the door and come to my aid. During the session, I engage my client in dialog to ensure their safety and that they are having a great experience. After we follow up and exchange thanks for the session and I try to get a review so I know what or how to improve the next session. All of my sessions are nonsexual but the session wrestler is aroused from the experience. I find it fascinating the majority has an erection in their workout shorts the entire time and their breathing indicates they are having some form of ecstasy. My reward is their happiness in trusting me to take them there. I can not even describe the feeling of gratification I get when the person is close to tears thanking me for giving them something they can not have in their day to day life. I feel session wrestling is lucrative but I do not count on it as my bread and butter. I session because I want to first and just feel like I am giving back what other doms give me.

How often do you train and what does training consist of? What do you eat and how much do you work out on any given day

I try to stick to the blood type diet and eat as clean as possible. I am not a calorie counter but I eat what feels right for my body. My training is never the same but at least 3-4 days a week I run, kickbox, grapple, weightlift. The remaining days are usually physical including session wrestling and shooting porn. If you ever watch any videos I am in, you will notice I tend to sweat A LOT! Porn is an excellent workout.

What kind of injuries have you experienced through wrestling?

As I really focus on stretching and proper warm-ups, my injuries have been the typical face bruising from tight squeezes, back strains and pulled muscles that need the basic TLC any athlete experiences.

How would you compare the wrestling that you do on sites like Ultimate Surrender to the wrestling that you do outside of sex work and the adult industry?

US and Academy will definitely tire you out. Many wrestlers have agreed that the sex ending can be the most exhausting. After pushing yourself to win three 8-minute rounds, then having to be in the position to fuck, it takes a lot of mind over matter to ensure you fuck the loser well.

With session wrestling, the scenario is more of a fantasy and semi-competitive. I find the pace is metered well for breaks and the hour will not leave you too sore unless we decide to make the session competitive.

You are somewhat new to BDSM correct? What elements of BDSM are most intriguing to you and how would you like to delve deeper into your BDSM experiences?

Yes I am somewhat new to BDSM and in fact when we met for the first time and I wrestled for the first time with you at Academy Wrestling, you gave me the rundown on this interesting little world...then 6 months later, I worked for and my life has changed for the best. ?Oh so there is a name for the things that I want and what goes through my mind since I was little?? ? something I like to say in regards to BDSM in my life.

The impact play and psychological play are the most intriguing elements to me. It is amazing how I feel being caned and speaking out my fears. It is beautiful to have that moment of crying and realizing I can stand a little taller with knowing myself more. At this point I am focusing on why the physical pain is so important to me and how to implement it safely and properly. Also, I am interested in understanding why other people enjoy these experiences and what they get out of them.

How do you maintain your boundaries with in sex work?

I am in constant communication and checking in not only with the other acknowledging my limits but also making sure I am not overstepping their boundaries. I think it is misinterpreted that if you are in the sex business you have an open relationship. I do not have an open relationship but I have permission to be with women of my choosing. So, with this dynamic, it can be very difficult for some to understand.

Can you tell us about an experience in which you felt great fulfillment through your work?

Recently I was cast as the rebellious inmate for Triangle Films River Rock Women?s Prison. I had a powerful scene with one of my mentors, Claire Adams. The scene was my favorite and it felt magical. Our emotions were so intense, the bondage was beautiful and not once did I realize the camera was there. At one point we were both crying?to me that was the great fulfillment of letting myself go and feeling the other person give that back to me. I am really excited for the release of this movie, which I believe is in November.

Tell us about your love of sploshing? I love the scene that you did in Courtney Trouble's Roulette. It really looks like your taking your time indulging in the cool milk. Can you explain to some of our readers that are unfamiliar with this fetish why sploshing is a turn on?

Sploshing was a joke to me in 2006. I remember Wordman and I watching John Waters? A Dirty Shame, and in it there was a scene where a woman get off by pouring cans of Spaghetti-Os all over herself (she was clothed) in a convenience store. At this point in my career I did nonsexual scenes where I would play in mud, water, cake batter with my feet and massage the mess onto my friend Camille ( We would laugh but make it sexy as her fan base loved seeing clothes, shoes, nylons, and bodies covered in goo. The more I would do it and watch it?well, it became more of a turn on for me. At the same time, I did not connect my childhood antics to the fun I was having.

By going beyond being messy and making something inanimate sexual, well, that opened a new can of worms. It is a fetish of mine. Do I do it daily? No. Do I think of it daily? Hell yes! Just imagine a beautiful woman licking you clean as you squeeze fresh pineapple just all over your body. It is a form of worship, it is foreplay? and it is so much fun!

How would you describe feminist or sex positive porn?

Regarding feminism, I don't honestly view porn (or life in general) through that filter. I watch what I enjoy, likewise I produce and perform in what I enjoy, so in that manner, I am empowered because I only do what turns me on. I suppose that also makes these experiences sex-positive for me.

At the risk of being too general, it's like that cliché about art, I don't know (everything about) art, but I know what I like when I (see) it.

What is one positive thing that you can share with our readers about how to empower themselves sexually?

It is never too late to express yourself or discover something that turns you on.

Where do you see yourself in the next ten years?

My company owning business property and in full production, still based in Las Vegas . I'll continue to perform as long as I can and always train.

What upcoming projects do you have that we should watch out for?

In about 6 months, I plan to launch In the meantime I am developing several sites including which is my other enjoyment, balloons!