Monday, November 29, 2010

Personal One on One Sex Classes

I'm very excited to announce that I have started doing one on one sex technique classes and consultations with individuals and couples in the last couple of weeks. Since I won't be traveling as often as I normally do, I can now travel directly to you, your partner, or organization no matter what state or country you live in. The only thing you need is internet access and a video cam. I've been using either Skype or Gmail Video Chat for current consultations.

Couples and Individuals
This technology allows me to bring the best in my sexual experiences and education to you and/or your partner straight to the privacy of your own home where you can feel open and free to ask personal questions, try out techniques and workshop one on one with me around your sexual desires and queries. Not only will you be able to experience this one on one connection with me from the privacy of your own home but I can also record either via video or audio our session so that you can refer back to the video or audio for reference. This recording is kept completely confidential between me and you/your partner/s.

Techniques and Courses Offered

Below are some of the techniques that I offer to individuals and groups but I'm very open to developing a course specifically tailored to you and/or your partners needs.

G-Spot Education

Learn about the anatomy of the g-spot and how to stimulate the g-spot. This is a hands on workshop that involves locating your g-spot, discovering new ways to stimulate your g-spot, kegel exercises, and uncovering the myth surrounding female bodied ejaculation.

Deep Throat and the Art of Oral Sex

Discover the many sensitive and erogenous zones on the cock. Learn new and innovative ways to stimulate the cock with your mouth, lips, tongue and more. Discover your inner Linda Lovelace by learning the true pleasure of giving into your oral desires.

Anal Pleasure

Discover the art of anal pleasure for both men and women. This course covers safety, cleanliness, toys, oral pleasure of the anus, strap -on anal play for men and women and advanced anal play. People of all genders and orientations have an anus why not give yours and your partners some love and sexual attention.

Sweet like Honey

Pleasuring the Pussy – Learn the anatomy of the cunt and how to please it with your mouth, tongue and everything in between. From lapping to nibbling discover fun and delicious ways to get the most out of oral sex and have your lover begging for more.

Five Finger Revolution

Discover the overwhelming ecstasy of vaginal and anal fisting. This workshop will walk you through the steps of warm up, safety, connection, breath, and climactic release associated with fisting.

I want to fuck you like an Animal: Discovering your inner beast

Learn the basics of puppy play and pony play. Workshop with Madison Young to find your inner breed based on your submissive characteristics. Are you a playful Spaniel, a yappy Yorkshire, a loyal Labrador, a prize winning pony, or a work horse? Learn how to incorporate these animals into your submissive and service life and into your bedroom playtime. This workshop will conclude with a walk in the park so dress your best but appropriate for public viewing.

Fetish and Fellatio

Want to add some spice to your sex life? Want to learn how to add fetish and bondage to your bag of blow job tricks? In this workshop, adult film star and sex educator Madison Young will show you how to incorporate latex, bondage, smoking blow jobs, deep throating, sensation play, toys, and anal play for a long, luxurious oral worshipping of the cock. Learn how to talk to your lover about your kinky desires and how to build new levels of intimacy, trust, and connection.

Advanced Fellatio:201 Deep Throat and More (NEW)

Do you want to take your blowjob skills up a notch? Maybe you’ve mastered some hand and oral pleasure techniques and you want to try something new. Perhaps you’ve integrated deep throating into your sex life, but you’re curious to see what else you can do. Madison Young has the skills and she’s here to help you make your fellatio even better. She’ll give you all sorts of new blowjob tips, explain how to relax the gag reflex, offer ideas for making it as much fun to give deep oral sex as it is to receive, tell you how to use your throat muscles to drive your guy wild, and ways you can deep throat dildos as well as penises. Full of great ideas and useful hints, this workshop will give you all sorts of new ways to make your guy’s toes curl! If you have a dildo, especially a VixSkin one, please bring it to practice on, or use one of Madison’s cucumbers.

BDSM 101

Are you curious about kink? Learn the basics of how to spice up your sex life adding sensation play, energy/power exchange, bondage, and fetishism to your play. Learn how to play safe,sane and consensual, negotiate play, how to talk to your lover about your kinky desires, and how to build new levels of intimacy, trust and connection with your partner/s.

Cock Sucking for Queers

Whether its strap ons or fleshy bits learn how to make the most of your mouth and hands when giving head. We will talk about different strap on options, realistic dildos, deep throating demos, and how to incorporate cock sucking into power play.

DIY Porn

Make your own porn Learn the basics of how to tap into your own personal sexual fantasies, how to manifest those fantasies for the camera, the basics of documenting, writing a script, casting, financing your porn, and how to get your movies to the intended audience (even if that audience is just you and your partner).

The Zen Submissive

How to Process Pain and practical skills for submissives.

This will be a hands on workshop. Wear comfortable clothes that you are able to stretch and move around in. It’s always a good idea to bring pen and paper for note taking and networking.

  • Identifying what it means to be a Zen Submissive aka a strong submissive, a centered submissive, a politically active member of the bdsm community, a feminist/humanist submissive
  • Basic overview of submissive communication skills, stretching for bondage, safe words, how to play safe,negotiating scenes,a limits list(hard limits and soft limits)
  • Identifying visualization skills on how to process pain as erotic and healing energy.
  • Exploring different methods on how to become present in your submission and with in your body.
  • Exploring methods of expressing pain and eroticism through vocalization.
  • Discussing how submissives can serve their dominants through vocal,physical and energetic expression of pain,eroticism,submission and more.

Punk Rock Tantra

exploring the connection between music, sex and tantric energy. This workshop will focus on locating chakras, cultivating energy with in those points with in our body, and moving that energy through our body to create erotic pleasure with the help of breath and music. Breathe yourself to orgasm and at the same time have climactic punk rock high energy music fusing with the class.


I have had the great pleasure of teaching different sexual education workshops since 2003 and have been performing in the adult industry since 2002. Since 2003 I've facilitated workshops, spoken on panels, and given presentations on sexual techniques and politics at Yale University, Berkeley University, women run sex stores in San Francisco, Seattle, Denver, LA, NYC, Milwaukee, Minnesota, Chicago, Brooklyn, Amsterdam, Toronto,Canada, Berlin, Sydney, Australia, and at numerous BDSM Conferences around the world. It gives me great pleasure to give the gift of pleasure and to help facilitate greater knowledge of the body, body confidence, connection, and pleasure between partners. I look forward to getting to know you.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Now Accepting Writing Submissions

The Madison Young Network of Web sites is now accepting written articles, reviews and stories. Please email Madison Young at with submissions for consideration.
- looking for reviews from self identified women on
sex toys, kinky,sex pos, or lgbt spaces or events, erotic films, books or porn, travel articles that have a focus on sex pos or kink community, essays on sexual politics relating to women, sexual edu articles. Each piece should be around 500 word no more than 700 words.$25 for each piece excepted.
- educational or instructional articles on fisting, first hand fisting experiences, reviews on products or films that relate to fisting, articles on politics around fisting, erotica on fisting. Each piece should be around 500 words no more than 700 words.$25 for each piece excepted. looking for pieces submitted by persons of all gender identities and orientations on their varied experiences w/ fisting.
- Pulp Lesbian Fiction Erotica Stories Each piece should be around 1000 words no more than 1500 words. $25 for each piece excepted. Looking for pieces from lesbian and queer identified writers.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Madison Young Productions is accepting new models and content.

Madison Young Productions is accepting new models and content.


For the past 8 years I’ve been participating in the documentation of authentic sexual culture both by sharing my sexuality with the camera and by picking up the camera myself and documenting honest sexual climaxes and explorations of those in my community. A community of queers, artists, kinksters, lifestyle fetishists, sex workers, activists, extroverts, sex nerds, exhibitionists, real couples, and lovers. This is my passion in life. To create space physically and on the web for the visual and intellectual dialogue of sex, art, kink, and gender expression. To create space free of shame and celebrating our bodies, our connections with lovers, our community and fellow sexual collaborators. Celebrating the ever changing fluctuation of our identities, our bodies, our sexual desires. Celebrating our animalistic sexual instincts and embracing our sexual selves with radical fearlessness.

On my sites you will find a community forming that has a positive view of sex and deeper sexual exploration. We advocate the sexiness of safer sex, communication, and sexual education.

Web Sites: We are currently developing content for two upcoming sex positive women run web sites brought to you by Feminist Porn Award winning Director and Performer, Madison Young.

The two upcoming sites are : featuring hot feminist identified individuals who enjoy vaginal or anal fisting, either solo or with another person. We are looking for interviews, videos, photos, articles, erotica, essays on what you love about fisting. is open to content featuring models of all gender identities, ethnicities and bodies. We encourage and promote diversity and visibility with in the adult industry. We are looking for videos and photos featuring real orgasms, connection and authentic pleasure around fisting. featuring self identified women shooting hand held video from their point of view while engaging in different kinds of sexual pleasure with other self identified women. Video could include fetish, foot worship, strap on play, fisting, oral sex, flaux jobs, and any other kind of sexual play that you and your partner enjoy. This is really about fun, sexy, pleasure and connection. We like to see both performers so it is best to pass the video camera back and forth during the scene and to use a small hand held camera that is easy to handle.

The interview: 5 minutes

- All entries should include a five minute video interview with the performer/s answering the following questions. Please restate the question in your answer as the question will not be included in the video. So if the question is "Why do you think it is important to create porn from a woman's point of view?" you would answer, "I think its important to create porn from a woman's point of view because…."

Questions to answer on video for Fisting entry:

What is your name(stage name), how old are you, where did you grow up and what city do you live in now?

What 3 things are you most passionate about other than sex?

What was your first Fisting experience like? Talk about who it was with, how old were you the first time you were fisted(if you were younger than 18 then just omit this part of the question), was there more trust, excitement involved? How did your partner help you to relax into it the first time?

Do you prefer vaginal or anal fisting and why?

What is your favorite kind or lube to use when being fisted?

Do you have a toy that you like to warm up with before being fisted?

Do you like other sexual stimulation while you are being fisted? like a vibrator or oral sex or bondage

What are techniques you either like to use or like to have used on you while fisting/being fisted?

What is the hottest thing for you about fisting?

What tips would you give to someone who is interested in fisting/being fisted but doesn't know where to start?

When did you first discover sex positive feminism?

How do you feel that women made porn contributes to the sex positive movement?

How did documenting this sexual exploration make you feel and is it something you would want to do again?

Questions to answer on video for POV entry:

What is your name(stage name), how old are you, where did you grow up and what city do you live in now?

What 3 things are you most passionate about other than sex?

What is your biggest unfilled fantasy?

Why do you think it is important to create porn from a woman's point of view?

When did you first discover sex positive feminism?

How do you feel that women made porn contributes to the sex positive movement?

How did you meet your partner that you are doing your scene with? If you are doing a scene by yourself let us know what you like to fantasize about when you masturbate and what your favorite toys/lube to use are when you masturbate or have sex?

What is your favorite thing about having sex with other women?

How did documenting this sexual exploration make you feel and is it something you would want to do again?


All video entries should include at minimum 20 minutes of edited footage if the video is of a couple and minimum 10 minutes of edited footage if it is a solo scene. Footage can be "in camera edited" or edited with video editing software like final cut or imovie but should be exported at full resolution onto a mini dv tape labeled with your stage name and date.

Our standards are high, which means no web cams or still cameras in video mode. You'll need to record your video footage using a digital camcorder. I've also found that the Flip Cameras have excellent footage and are under $200. Please include the details of your camcorder if possible, make, model and the format it has been recorded in.

Make sure you have good light. Daylight from a nearby window is best. If you're using a lamp, it should be to one side, close to you but not too close to the camera, so the light is graded across your face. It will need to be a bright lamp and set the white balance manually to "indoor" (all camcorders have this control).

Please don't have any music or the TV playing as it creates a copyright problem.


For submissions you can either shoot from your personal point of view, set up tripod and adjust it through out the scene or have a friend work the camera for you. To reduce or eliminate edits on your computer try in camera editing. If there is a need to pause simply press pause on the camera but don't feel like you need to leave out communication. We like to hear communication between partners especially with something like fisting. Asking for more lube or to go a little slower or that you need the vibrator are all things that we want to include in the video. So please make sure to include those elements. Don't feel like you have to be silent. We want this to be authentic, connected, safe and showing our audience at home how to engage in sex with healthy communication skills. Its best to shoot twice as much footage as you need for the scene so if it is a solo scene where you need 10 min edited footage I suggest getting 20 min. If it is a couple scene where you need 20 minutes I suggest getting 40. Take this opportunity to explore locations and scenarios that are fantasies or real turn ons for you and/or your partner in the scene. We definitely want to see your personality come through in the film and a real sense of desire and pleasure so follow your hearts desires and bring your camera along.


For submissions you will want to hold the camera while you are performing. If you are shooting yourself for a solo scene flip the view finder around so you can see your framing. If you are shooting with someone else make sure to get plenty of face shots, pans of bodies, action shots and to get shots of the face in moments of ecstasy and pleasure. Having your partner look directly at the camera is very helpful. Make sure to have the camera passed back and forth so we can get both of your faces and selves experiencing authentic orgasms and pleasure. We like to hear communication between partners especially with something like fisting. Asking for more lube or to go a little slower or that you need the vibrator are all things that we want to include in the video. So please make sure to include those elements. Don't feel like you have to be silent. We want this to be authentic, connected, safe and showing our audience at home how to engage in sex with healthy communication skills. Its best to shoot twice as much footage as you need for the scene so if it is a solo scene where you need 10 min edited footage I suggest getting 20 min. If it is a couple scene where you need 20 minutes I suggest getting 40. Take this opportunity to explore locations and scenarios that are fantasies or real turn ons for you and/or your partner in the scene. We definitely want to see your personality come through in the film and a real sense of desire and pleasure so follow your hearts desires and bring your camera along.


A photoset is a series of 60 - 80 pictures of you, starting fully clothed and ending fully nude. A set should be taken in one session with the same outfit, theme and setting - this should coincide with what your theme, setting, outfit is for your video submission and should include the sexual positions that you were in for the video. I suggest shooting the first half of the photos before the video shoot and the sex photos after video.

The set should start out clothed and end up fully nude; the outfit and setting should remain consistent throughout the entire set! Nudity should begin in the first half of the set, which usually starts around photo #10 in a finished set. The sex shots should include the face shots, shots of the two performers looking at one another and connecting, passionate sex, several shots with the performers making eye contact with the camera. I would like close up and penetration shots but this is not needed in every position. It is good however to be able to see the action. Let the viewer see what feels so great and pleasurable. For cunnilingus you might need to cheat your face to the side, for strap on play you will want to just insert the tip of the dildo and angle your hip out toward the camera so the camera can see, also if the performer who is penetrating the dildo is on top and mostly pulled out you can get a great shot. I'm happy to give pointers if you have questions on angles before the shoot. But the most important thing is to capture the chemistry and connection between the performers.

A finished set is between 40-60 pictures, but you should take lots of pictures and only send us the best photos. You should take out the pictures that you or the photographer hate from your sets but send us the ones that you think are pretty good. The set you send us should have about 60 - 80 images, definitely not more than 100 photos. Make sure you have enough variety in the pictures you send us - we don't need 10 pictures in the same pose to choose from. You cannot send a set if it's under 35 photos.
Your images must be at LEAST 1200 pixels on the longest side, otherwise we will not be able to use your set!

You must be 18 years of age or older at the time of the photoshoot, please keep this in mind if you have just recently turned 18. NO EXCEPTIONS, EVER.

Your set should be fun and creative, and showcase your physical beauty as well as your personality. Here are some general guidelines to follow:

*You must shoot with a digital camera. Shoot your photos at the largest quality your camera has available. MAKE SURE THE DATE & TIME STAMP IS TURNED OFF - we will not accept any sets with the date and time on them since we can't photoshop it out.

*You do not need to photoshop your pictures before you send them in, it will not affect whether or not we use your set. If you are submitting your set photoshopped, you or your photographer should save the original files.

*Lighting really is the most important step in getting good photo quality. Natural light is by far the easiest to work with - a room with a window should provide enough light during the day.
-If you shoot outside, it's best to shoot at sunrise or sunset, or on a cloudy day to eliminate weird shadows.
-If you are shooting indoors and there is not enough natural light, make sure you have multiple lights in your set up. A cheap solution to indoor lighting problems is to buy a few inexpensive shop lights from a hardware store and high watt bulbs.

*Backgrounds should either add to the set or be plain enough that it's not distracting. Messy bedrooms and bathrooms are not artistic or sexy, so clean up before you shoot.

*Include a variety of angles, close-ups, full body shots, and poses. Sets with one camera angle only can seem a bit stiff and distant, make sure to move the camera around! Please do not send us a ton of pictures in the same pose to choose from - move around, experiment with different poses and facial expressions, try to find what is flattering for your body type.

*Get creative with your theme. Maybe you have a favorite book, video game, movie, comic book that you could base your set on, or maybe you have a friend that works at a bar or has a really cool apartment or house you could shoot in. Does your friend work at a bike garage or cafe that you could shoot at? Do you and your partner have a fantasy about having sex in a truck or car? This is the perfect chance to explore those fantasies and have the photos to look back on.

*Use available resources - you don't need to spend a ton of money to shoot a great set. Use what you have available, there is no need to go out and rent a crazy location or hire a makeup artist or hair stylist. If you don't have a location, ask around and see if one of your friends has some place you can shoot. More often than not, you can even shoot in your own house.

You can shoot your own set, you don't have to work with a professional photographer!! There are several girls who shoot their own sets. You can either use the timer on your camera, or you can pick up a remote for around $10. If you don't have a tripod, you can set your camera on a table or stack of books, etc. I have discovered this can often take longer than having a friend's help though.

Safer Sex Barriers - We encourage the use of safer sex barriers which includes gloves, dental dams, condoms. Don't be afraid to show how hot safer sex can be.

Communication - If you are shooting with someone you haven't met or even a friend or a crush, take them out for tea or coffee and talk to them about their sexual likes and dislikes. Things you might want to explore on camera. This is also a great time to talk with them about barrier use, wardrobe, location, sexual limits, fantasies, and STI/STD testing.

Approval and Payment Process:

Once your set is received it will be viewed with in 2 weeks by our staff members and rated. We will send out e-mails on a monthly basis to performers whose work is in que and is being accepted for publication on the site. Upon hearing back from you we will send you a model release and 2257 compliance form. After receiving your paper work and copies of 2 US Government issued Ids via fax or email , you will be given a publication date for your set, a membership to the web sites and will be sent out a check for publication before your set goes live. We encourage models to be active on commenting on other sets and being a part of the community. We love to accept multiple sets on a continued basis for our web sites from intelligent, artistic, sex positive individuals that have a desire to explore their sexuality on film.

POV and Fisting pay structure:

We are an indie adult company and working on launching these two new sites. Our rates will be going up in the future as the site launches. I encourage you to submit to both sites for video and photo which is an afternoon of shooting for some really cool sites for $300. Affiliates are also a great way to help us get the word out and for you to continue to make money helping the sex positive porn movement.

$100 - 20 minutes of couple video footage of Fisting or POV plus interview

$150 - 20 minutes of couple video footage of Fisting or POV plus photos and video interview

$50 - 10 minutes of solo fisting or solo pov video footage plus interview

$75 - 10 minutes of solo pov or fisting video footage plus interview and photos

$25 - articles, essays, erotica on fisting

This is a great way to participate in the sex positive porn movement regardless of where you live. At this time we can only take submissions shot with in the US featuring performers with valid US Government ids.

* You can submit more than one set at a time and you may include fisting in your pov video if you are interested. Submissions that contain both pov and fisting will receive a $25 bonus.

* After your submission has been accepted, continue to make money by signing up for our affiliate program and referring people to our site through your blog, your own web site or social networks like twitter and myspace.

Send mini dv tape, cd of images and a note containing your name, address, email and phone number, to:

Madison Young Productions

771 Page St.

San Francisco,CA 94117

(Your submission will not be used until it is accepted, paid for, and you have submitted a Release).

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A Year in Porn

Wow! I can't believe it is almost 2010. I was going through the productions I've directed and released this year only to find I've released 11 films in 2009 and have 6 more films directed and about to be released in the new year. It was quite a busy year for me both in front of the camera and behind the camera. Its been an amazing experience documenting the sexual lives of others, interviewing women and men about their sexuality, bending the line between art and sex, and even documenting hot sexual secrets of women when they are pregnant. I feel like this year has given me a chance to fully delve into my love of sexual anthropology and education, while having some really hot orgasms along the way. I'm planning out what this upcoming year looks like and I think its going to be an amazing one. Below is a brief view of the films that have come out this year that I directed so if you haven't checked them out yet now is a great time. And they do make great stocking stuffers.
madison young

Art House Sluts is my Andy Warhol inspired porn. It will be playing in Greece next month for the Athens Porn Film Festival. Very hot summer sex in this film along with a mixture of performance art inspired by Yoko Ono and Carolee Schneemann

Lesbian Life Real Sex NYC. A very hot romp through all of my favorite places to pick up ladies in NYC from Food Swings in Brooklyn to Blue Stockings in LES. I make Jessie Lee orgasm so hard in this film that she cries!

Lights Out. This was a really fun film for me to shoot. Aiden Starr is a phenomenal dominant and I have great chemistry with Ariel X. A delicious whipping scene, gorgeous latex, and great chemistry. If you love latex and ds story lines you will love Lights Out.

Perversions of Lesbian Lust 2 is a Madison Young Production starring myself with the lovely Sasha Grey, Dia Zerva, and Princess Donna. This was my first time working with Sasha and we had a lot of fun in this playful bondage scene, Dia Zerva is amazing as always and Princess Donna pretty much made all of my fantasies come true by putting me in a single ankle suspension, weighting my nipples, vibrating and eat my cunt while fucking me and smothering my mouth in her cunt. This is pretty much my favorite sexual position with one of my favorite people to have sex with.
Perversions of Lesbian Lust 1 won the Best Kink Film award at the Feminist Porn Awards this year and it is nominated for an AEBN Award.

Sylvia. I love this film. Princess Donna and Shawn aka Syd Blakovich have got to be two of my top five people to have sex with. I love them both. What is really fun about this film is that we are all switches and all have a chance to switch in this film. Or at least Shawn and Donna do. This film is based on the A. R. Gurney play Sylvia which I always thought was incredibly hot. It was destined to be turned into a queer poly puppy play film and so that is exactly what I did. Incredibly hot orgasms, anal play, and you get to see Donna licking a toilet while being fucked by Syd. Yum!

The Curse of Mac Beth is another porn inspired by a play. Perhaps you can tell that I was a theater major :) I've always thought that Shakespeare's plays were incredibly hot and always wanted to shoot Mac Beth. Finally with the help of Good Releasing I was able to make that happen. This is a fetishistic reinterpretation with a hot witch orgy, rope bondage suspension, knife play, and really hot sex. If you love Shakespeare and fetish you are going to love The Curse of Mac Beth.

The Fluid Series is one that I've been wanting to do for awhile. With so many shades of grey with in gender and sexuality I wanted to make a series that is for those who identify outside of the box and at the same time get a look into the sexual identity of women and men. This film Fluid 2 focuses on Queer and Bisexual men and features really hot threesome sex scenes between men with other men and women.

This was the original Fluid which delves into the sexuality of queer, pansexual and bisexual women. The interviews are just as hot as the sex scenes. Dylan Ryan, Aiden Starr and Maestro have an incredibly hot threesome on the roof that is fodder for all of my new masturbatory fantasies.

Frisk Me. I've always had a fascination with authority and the defining of authority and I get to explore that in Frisk Me with hot men in uniforms, either dominating or being dominated.

Queer Manor was the first film for Good Releasing that I shot. I shot this in Berlin in the most beautiful mansion that I've ever stayed at. It was insanely decadent and regal and feminine and European and that totally comes across is this hot piece of erotica.

The Thin Line between Art and Sex. I've always said that sex comes from the same visceral place inside of me as sex. Both involve opening yourself up, allowing passion and energy to flow in and out of your being. I wanted to explore that in Thin Line. I gathered 6 artists together for one day allotting them each art studio time and then documenting both their art pieces and process as well as their intimate sex scenes. The result was passionate and intense.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Sophia and Puck are invited to a Pep Rally in my Pants

7 Minutes in Heaven: Coming Out

Directed by Courtney Trouble

Reel Queer Productions

presents a Good Releasing Film

Courtney Trouble's 7 Minutes in Heaven is a delicious blend of honest raw sexuality springing forth in a completely organic unscripted fashion with real people with great chemistry. Bring on the tattoos, piercings, and cowboy boots in this queer sex free for all. The film offers a diverse cast with persons of different body types, gender identities and ethnicities. The film is very playful has a very young punk rock/alt feel to it. There are women experiencing their first time having sex in front of the camera and women experiencing their first queer sexual explorations. It feels very natural and innocent. There are excellent moments in the film that really capture who these people are, what they're interests are, and gives us an excellent portrait of these characters outside of the sex they are having. We feel like we know them, we care about them and so the sex they are sharing for the camera seems that much more intimate and sexy. The music is excellent and adds to the film. I love great music in porn, it always helps me to open up more and get more intimately involved with the characters that I'm watching.

The characters in the film feel genuine. They are mostly amateur performers which at times lends to lulls in a scene or not the best views of close up penetration shots but at the same time gives it a sense of believability. We know that this is a porn, that there is voyeur shooting the film. At times the camera is shaky or moving in for the shot but it makes it feel really hot and pervy in a really sexy way. Courtney is one of the characters, "the watcher" and her presence makes the scenes even hotter for me. I love the fact that there aren't really any fake nails and the chipped finger nail polish gives me a huge hard on.

In the film there seems to be multiple sex scenes happening at the same time which can be a little distracting to the viewer. It seems like it would be really hot if I was there and having sex, but is a little distracting for me on this side of the screen. There is a delicious variance is types of scenes that take place in the film. The majority of the scenes tend to be a little softer than my taste - I prefer more sm, ds, fisting, rough sex scenes. But I feel like this film is really perfect and approachable for couples, lesbians, queers, and persons interested in mostly vanilla sex.

There is a nice light ds dynamic between Carson and Puck. These two have fabulous energy. And they are both incredibly hot in this scene. There is some delightful cock sucking - which is always a favorite of mine and some threesome action with Tina Horn.

Speaking of Tina Horn... this woman is amazing. What a sexual appetite? Tina is one voracious femme slut with an insatiable appetite for erotic connection and can flip from top to bottom with the blink of an eye lash and a spank on the bottom.

Tina and Sophia have a wonderful scene. New comer Sophia has rocked my world, she is stunning, simply stunning. I want her in my bed now. Sophia orgasms beautifully. There is a really tender sweet moment where Tina cradles Sophia's head against her chest as she cries out in climax.

Jolene is another new performer. She has gorgeous porcelain skin and pretty pink nipples. She looks like the Ivory Soap girl with a septum piercing, pure, beautiful and ready to be defiled. Jolene emotes beautifully and is soft and curvy, she has this milky flesh and blushing cheeks when she's getting turned on. Some of the footage looks a little grainy, I think maybe it was a low light situation, but I easily forgave that and gave into Jolene's whimpers in the bathroom sex scene.

Sophia and Puck have a really hot chemistry. I think that was one of my favorite scenes. Puck is hot, sexy and full of geekiness. There was great communication in this scene and negotiation. Puck has this charming nervousness about him and Sophia is simply a natural with really hot body. Puck wields a strap on like a champ and offers up the hottest fucking in the film. After they finished I wanted even more. I could have watched just the two of them for another hour.

There was a lot of sex in this film. A lot. I lost track of how many scenes there were. Some of the scenes are shorter but you have every variation of couples that you could imagine(including threesomes and an orgy) and each scene is filled with a genuine desire for the performers to connect sexually with their chosen play mates. There is a something in this film for everyone. 120 minutes of hot sexy fun.

Stars and Cast:

Cast: Carson Jae Joline Parton Puck Goodfellow Sarah Lee Sinful Sophia Tina Horn