Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Rising Phoenix - Sex, Sensuality and the lovely Satine.

Satine Phoenix is a beautiful and talented artist fetish model and adult performer living in LA. She is one of my favorite people to get hippy with in LA, swapping spirulina smoothie recipes and chatting about breath and the exchange of energy. She is a brilliant illustrator with a vibrant spirit and an unyielding sexual appetite. I'm proud to say that I was there the first time that she felt the hitatchi on her cunt and the first time that she ejaculated. I'm thrilled that she will be coming to San Francisco in a little over a week to do live erotic painting at my gallery for our bondage art salon, Art of Restraint, and the next day she will be performing in a film for Good Vibrations that I'm directing entitled, Frisk Me. This creative soul did me the great honor of allowing me to pick her brain on female empowerment in porn, bdsm, tantra, art and boundaries. Follow Satine's online 5 day slave training and sexual journey on Training of O or check out her very hot sm play session with Mistress Madeline on Whipped Ass.

Could you tell us a little bit about where you came from and how that aided in the development of the Satine Phoenix that we have all come to know and love?

Once upon a time there was a little girl named Satine who was fascinated with leather and latex in the movies and music videos she would watch on MTV. She received a pair of leather waisted black slacks at the age of 11 and this changed her life forever. From then on she would find any way possible to indulge in the more alternative and darker delicacies that fill her senses

I am fairly certain that I was born this way. People are just more inclined with one way of living or another. I had all of the opportunities to be a straight conservative upstanding citizen. I belonged to a youthgroup, got straight A's, President of my Drama Club, on Student Government, volunteered and raised money for various charities and yet I needed to learn all i could about BDSM & Fetishes. I knew when i was young that i wanted to be a Stripper. I knew that i would find a way to fulfil all of my fantasies. I KNEW that i could and that i didnt have to live in my dreams. My Dreams would become my reality. I became a demo model for Chanta Rose who guided me into this world of fetish modeling and pornography. From Sacramento to San Francisco to LA to Sydney, Australia and back again... its been quite a journey.

What is the root and origin of your name?

Satine: As in: my skin is soft as... I got it from two sources. The first is from the movie "Moulin Rouge" where Satine is the Sparkling Diamond. The second, and most true to my nature, is from a Kurt Vonnegut book "Bluebeard". Its a story of an artist and in the 70's he comes across a ficticious paint called Satine Duralux. After 18 years the paint falls off the canvas.

Phoenix: In the villages of main land china the empress' symbol would be carved on the side of the tallest mountain. (the ones I hiked in china were very tall and thin limestone mountains and I dont remember what side N,S,E,W the carving was on). The symbol is a Phoenix and as i looked over the most beautiful mist covered view I've ever seen i noticed the symbol from the corner of my eye and it occured to me right then and there. Satine Phoenix. It just felt perfect.

Could you tell us a little bit about how and why you got into the adult industry ?

Other than what i mentioned above, Its one of the many things I was born to do. The Universe naturally led me here. I would go to fetish clubs which prepared me for being comfortable as a stripper which gave me the understanding of swinger clubs which made me comfortable in being watched and performing in public. It was very gradual and I kind of just ended up doing it once i decided to do fetish modeling. fetish, bondage, solo, g/g, b/g...

Can you tell us a little bit about the art work that you create? Your live performance painting and additional works?

I express my feelings, fears, desires and life experiences through my illustrations. They're very personal to me. I've been focusing on drawing amputees and fantasy creatures lately for the beauty of it. My live performances are fun. I feed off the crowd and music around me and work fast and bold. I like to finish a 72 inch x 8ft piece in 3 hours but i'll be working much smaller on the 22nd of August (at Art of Restraint). I also sculpt and Animate. I'm working on a 3 minute fetish animation for RAO Entertainment's Fetish Documentary.

Did you go to art school or are you completely self taught?

I've been drawing since i could pick up a crayon. Took a couple of art classes pre college and ended up going to the Academy of Art College (University) for almost 5 years. I dropped out because they deleted all of my work in my 3d animation class and lost all of my illustrations in illustration class. No compensation, just Oops. Not even a sorry. I went through 3d/2d animation, stop motion animation, Sculpture, Illustration. I kind of wish I finished school but the life experiences I had were priceless and I can always go back. I'm constantly schooling myself with various books and dvds. Art is always learning.

Can you talk a little bit about the similarities between the expression of art and sex or if these two modes of expression are of a similar process for you?

Privately my art and my sex are similar in Sensuality. The women I draw are imperfect and raw yet beautiful, like sex. It doesnt appeal to me to draw people having sex, but to draw women in sexy positions. Not overly revealing, more accidently naturally revealing. I would love to make porn that reflects the same emotions and beauty of what I draw.

What are your favorite types of scenes to shoot?

My tastes change day to day, year to year. Right now i'm in romantic threesome/orgy mode where everyone is having a great time and no one is being really porno. My Girlfriend, Nica Noelle has been writing and Directing some amazing scenes for Sweetheart and Sweet Sinner Video. Pretty much anything she puts me in is what I'm into right now.

What is the intrigue of fetish and bdsm for you personally and what are your feelings on commercial bdsm retaining the authenticity and respect to our leather culture and community?

Oh dear... As a sensualist I love the smell and feel and look of things like latex, fur, leather, metal, food etc. I truly enjoy the tactile sensations, they seem to highten my pleasure sensors. The S/M dance is amazing to me as well. I'm a Switch so giving or receiving these sensations is pretty fantastic. It is the journey of experiencing and appreciating the existence of these pleasurable things that keep me wanting more.

What you see on video vs what I do in my private time is completely different. That's not to say I dont enjoy what I do on film, but you dont get to see the real emotion. I'm not frightened for my life. I'm experiencing every single sensation. the heat of the dom's breath on me, the inflection of voice, the wind from the flogger as it approaches my skin... everything. If I were to make a bondage site you would see the thrill from every party. But that is not what we sell when we make bondage porn. we sell the fantasy of the hi protocol hi edicate, or dark danky dungeon, or hard to please Mistress... Unfortunately while we're making porn for people to whack off to others are watching and using it as a learning tool and are missing out on all of the things that have been edited out. The audience doesn't realize that maybe "red" had been called a number of times but that had been edited out. That it took 20 minutes to tie a girl to the ceiling and that this specific girl only has about 10 minutes left in her to do this shoot though it looks like she's been up for hours . The intimacy and care has been edited out and people think that the girl is supposed to just want you to beat the living day lights out of her and walk away. Aside from the physical damage, what about the psychological? Performers have trained themselves to act in a certain way when told. I know that in my personal life I need a lot of after care but when I'm shooting on film I dont require as much. In real life I dont go into subspace with just anyone. I need to be brought there. On video, you touch me with rope or pull my hair and I'm in subspace immediately because I know how long each scene is, I know what is going to happen to me during the scene (mostly) and how many scenes I have to do. It takes a lot of energy on film. I drink 5-10 red bulls in a work day on an S&M shoot.
I know this is a lengthy responce, i just really want to show everyone that video S&M is much different than personal S&M. The only problem is when people try to do what we do on video in real life with no experience someone ends up getting hurt. I think i'm going to get "dont try this at home" as my next tattoo.

Could you tell us about your integration of tantra into your sexual and bdsm life?

Tantra is Existing and really feeling (or Groking) moment to moment. You can use it in sex or s&m or in every day life as you're walking or sitting or just breathing. It is turning all of your senses on at the same time and really feeling it. Smelling and really seeing and really feeling and REALLY listening. Being Present in the moment without distraction or faltering. Its as simple as looking someone in their eyes into their soul or kissing slowly not just to feel good but to feel each curve of the other person's sweet lips while smelling their skin and running your fingers through their hair. S&M is one of the most naturaly Tantric activity i've ever done. Regulating your breathing to process moment to moment. even canceling out one sensation to heighten another sensation. Communicating at such high fidelity that each person can feel the other's energy because that is what it is Sex/ Tantra/ BDSM... its all energy exchange. Tantra teaches you how to recognize that energy and harness it to take your pleasure sensors to new heights.

Is tantra also something that you integrate into your scenes or is that something that is set aside only for your personal sex life?

My tantra dial can be turned all the way on or I can turn it way down and just look into the person's eyes. I give as much as the other person is willing to exchange in the mutual tantra while at the same time I'm practicing solo tantra and moving the energy from the scene around my own body. The being in love energy I send to my boyfriend is different than the appreciation love energy I send to the other talent.

How do you set boundaries of what you are comfortable sharing with the world sexually and what you feel like you should keep only for you and your lover/s?

I have one Primary Male lover and occasionally I have other female lovers. He is the only person I have Anal Sex with. It is sacred to me and I only do it on my terms. I feel it is important to save something for him. Its hard enough knowing your girlfriend has sex with other men. He gets my heart and my ass :) . I've shared so many things with the world good and bad and ridiculous and beautiful. I am true to who I am at the time in each scene. I dont regret things I've shared in the past, though many I wouldnt do again. That is how I find boundaries because I dont know what I'm not going to like until I do it really, unless I'm just not interested.

What are some of your upcoming adult related and artistic projects that are on the horizon?

I'm still shooting a couple times a month but I am moving more towards comics. One about my life as a stripper, I'm working on a series of fantasy creatures in bondage. I've got two other books that arent adult related that I'm working on. Hopefully they'll be a good foot in the door in the comic world. I havent read anything like what I'm writing. So, we'll see how that goes.

Where do you see yourself in the next ten years?

I dont plan that far ahead. I go where the universe tells me to go at the time. I thought i'd be doing porn forever... things are starting to take me in different directions, but that's life. being able to feel the ebb and flow of it all and maneuvering appropriately without drastic impact.

How does working in the adult industry as a woman empower you sexually and politically?

Working in the Adult industry for as long as I have I've been empowered as a human. I now know what I am capable of, what we are all capable of Physically & Emotionally. Sexually I am more confident and love to share my knowledge with others. I'm not sure how much power I have politically, but I do have a different outlook on life and how people live now. Its not that i feel all of this has empowered me, but its given me the experience and knowledge and and understanding of this side of the social psychology of people that I will hopefully be able to use in my future endeavors.

We are all equal. We are all just people living on this earth. No one is better than another. Some have more experience, some have more luck. But in the end we all come to the same conclusion. Its what you do with your time that is most important.

"You get what anyone gets, You get a lifetime" - Didi from "Death the High Cost of Living" by Neil Gaiman.


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I love fetish and bdsm, I love to see the pain from there eyes. This is a great website and I simply love it. Please when you have time post more pictures, I love them.

A Mistress.

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