Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Silky Smooth Vibrations by Madison Young

It's 10am and I'm sipping on my nice warm cup of Yerba Mate Tea and staring at the beautiful blue swirling (and vibrating) silicone goodness known as the G - Twist. I have a couple of hours until my new video editor will be over to the house to start work on my newest Madison Young Production and I really want to give this new vibe a try. So I turned my I Phone on shuffle, plugged in the speakers, popped in the batteries and were off.

This is a great toy. The first thing that really strikes me about this toy is that it is soft and flexible to the touch but it's also firm. It's a royal blue color so it seems fun but not funny like some of the vibrators that are shaped like creatures (ducks, rabbits, etc).

One of my favorite things about this toy is that it is made of this amazing silicone, easy to clean, safe and non porous material but it still allows me to use silicone based lube. Most silicone toys you can't use silicone lube with because it will bond to its self. But the G-Twist has come up with some super silicone formula that allows us silicone lovers to use our silicone lube.

I love the fact that the G- Twist is water resistant and that dust and dirt aren't clinging to the toy. Some of my silicone dildos attract hairs, dust, etc and it seems almost impossible to keep them clean. But this toy seems to actually repel dirt and fuzzies which makes me feel really safe and secure with this toy before we go all the way.

As many of you might know I'm a sensation slut. I love heavy sensation including vibration. My hitatchi is my favorite vibe and I love fucking machines and more vibration than most people can stand.

I've pretty much given up on anything having the strength of the hitatchi. But different environments call for different weaponry. I just returned from Europe with the Queer X Show and was separated from my dear hitatchi for 3 weeks. The electric currency is different in Europe and I had already blown one hitatchi on a previous trip to Europe a couple of years ago. I think the G- Twist will be my new best friend for travel. It won't get super dirty in my luggage, it cleans easy and operates on 2 AA batteries.

But does it get me off? Yes! Yes I got off twice in 15 minutes once in the family room and once in the bathroom. Dress hiked up and panties pulled down as I spread my legs on our Ikea couch. I listened to sticks against drum sets, against cymbals, squeaky voiced man/boys screaming of love lost as I was finding mine. The smooth silky texture of this vibrator felt amazing up against my labia and pressed against my clit as my legs stretched long and images of delicious climaxes of the recent past swept through my mind, as they always do before I'm about to cum. Quick fucks in the Lexington Club bathroom, cock ring tight around balls as I swallow cock whole, leaning out on the ledge of the rooftop as you fuck me in my new leather boots, salty flesh, sweet cunt, bitter cum, the taste of pleasure, as I reach climax.

The silkiness and texture of this vibrator is unlike any I have felt before. It's decadent.

I make my way to the bathroom, legs dangling in the tub as my legs spread. If I'm going to make a mess, the bathroom allows for easy clean up. The G - Twist feels really nice upon entry. I notice that I need a little more lube as the material of the vibe seems to soak it up. But it's very comfortable. Its a modest 6 inch vibrator maybe an inch and a half in diameter. This is usually much smaller than what I enjoy but this feels like a casual date and is probably perfect for penetration if you aren't a size queen or a sensation slut. I enjoyed the twists in the structure of the vibrator as I pumped in and out and the vibrator dialed on high. It felt great. My cunt clung on to the vibrator lightly kissing the silkiness of the vibe. It felt very romantic. as I made my way to my climax. This is a vibrator I trust. If this vibe were my date, it would show up clean, ready and would be on time for dinner with my parents. It's a dependable lover. These aren't the same 2 hour long multiple orgasms as what I would get with the hitatchi but it most certainly gets me off and is low maintenance and low drama which counts for a lot.

I didn't feel like the g-twist really did much for my g-spot. I feel like my g spot needs a firmer touch than what the g twist and I prefer something more solid like the N-Joy for g-spot stimulation. But the insides and outsides of my labia and clit love this vibe.

I also loved that it was ergonomic and easy to hold onto while masturbating. No hand cramps as your approaching orgasm with this toy. The dial is great for adjusting the vibe speed if you don't want your room mates to hear you or if you don't like a high vibration. It's very flexible and able to accommodate for varying needs. I'll be taking it with me in the shower tomorrow and maybe for a little anal expedition later this week.

Good luck and happy vibrations.
Madison Young

You can check out the G-Twist for yourself HERE

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Lorelei said...

That looks like a fantastic toy, I might have to pick one up for myself to add to my collection.