Monday, November 29, 2010

Personal One on One Sex Classes

I'm very excited to announce that I have started doing one on one sex technique classes and consultations with individuals and couples in the last couple of weeks. Since I won't be traveling as often as I normally do, I can now travel directly to you, your partner, or organization no matter what state or country you live in. The only thing you need is internet access and a video cam. I've been using either Skype or Gmail Video Chat for current consultations.

Couples and Individuals
This technology allows me to bring the best in my sexual experiences and education to you and/or your partner straight to the privacy of your own home where you can feel open and free to ask personal questions, try out techniques and workshop one on one with me around your sexual desires and queries. Not only will you be able to experience this one on one connection with me from the privacy of your own home but I can also record either via video or audio our session so that you can refer back to the video or audio for reference. This recording is kept completely confidential between me and you/your partner/s.

Techniques and Courses Offered

Below are some of the techniques that I offer to individuals and groups but I'm very open to developing a course specifically tailored to you and/or your partners needs.

G-Spot Education

Learn about the anatomy of the g-spot and how to stimulate the g-spot. This is a hands on workshop that involves locating your g-spot, discovering new ways to stimulate your g-spot, kegel exercises, and uncovering the myth surrounding female bodied ejaculation.

Deep Throat and the Art of Oral Sex

Discover the many sensitive and erogenous zones on the cock. Learn new and innovative ways to stimulate the cock with your mouth, lips, tongue and more. Discover your inner Linda Lovelace by learning the true pleasure of giving into your oral desires.

Anal Pleasure

Discover the art of anal pleasure for both men and women. This course covers safety, cleanliness, toys, oral pleasure of the anus, strap -on anal play for men and women and advanced anal play. People of all genders and orientations have an anus why not give yours and your partners some love and sexual attention.

Sweet like Honey

Pleasuring the Pussy – Learn the anatomy of the cunt and how to please it with your mouth, tongue and everything in between. From lapping to nibbling discover fun and delicious ways to get the most out of oral sex and have your lover begging for more.

Five Finger Revolution

Discover the overwhelming ecstasy of vaginal and anal fisting. This workshop will walk you through the steps of warm up, safety, connection, breath, and climactic release associated with fisting.

I want to fuck you like an Animal: Discovering your inner beast

Learn the basics of puppy play and pony play. Workshop with Madison Young to find your inner breed based on your submissive characteristics. Are you a playful Spaniel, a yappy Yorkshire, a loyal Labrador, a prize winning pony, or a work horse? Learn how to incorporate these animals into your submissive and service life and into your bedroom playtime. This workshop will conclude with a walk in the park so dress your best but appropriate for public viewing.

Fetish and Fellatio

Want to add some spice to your sex life? Want to learn how to add fetish and bondage to your bag of blow job tricks? In this workshop, adult film star and sex educator Madison Young will show you how to incorporate latex, bondage, smoking blow jobs, deep throating, sensation play, toys, and anal play for a long, luxurious oral worshipping of the cock. Learn how to talk to your lover about your kinky desires and how to build new levels of intimacy, trust, and connection.

Advanced Fellatio:201 Deep Throat and More (NEW)

Do you want to take your blowjob skills up a notch? Maybe you’ve mastered some hand and oral pleasure techniques and you want to try something new. Perhaps you’ve integrated deep throating into your sex life, but you’re curious to see what else you can do. Madison Young has the skills and she’s here to help you make your fellatio even better. She’ll give you all sorts of new blowjob tips, explain how to relax the gag reflex, offer ideas for making it as much fun to give deep oral sex as it is to receive, tell you how to use your throat muscles to drive your guy wild, and ways you can deep throat dildos as well as penises. Full of great ideas and useful hints, this workshop will give you all sorts of new ways to make your guy’s toes curl! If you have a dildo, especially a VixSkin one, please bring it to practice on, or use one of Madison’s cucumbers.

BDSM 101

Are you curious about kink? Learn the basics of how to spice up your sex life adding sensation play, energy/power exchange, bondage, and fetishism to your play. Learn how to play safe,sane and consensual, negotiate play, how to talk to your lover about your kinky desires, and how to build new levels of intimacy, trust and connection with your partner/s.

Cock Sucking for Queers

Whether its strap ons or fleshy bits learn how to make the most of your mouth and hands when giving head. We will talk about different strap on options, realistic dildos, deep throating demos, and how to incorporate cock sucking into power play.

DIY Porn

Make your own porn Learn the basics of how to tap into your own personal sexual fantasies, how to manifest those fantasies for the camera, the basics of documenting, writing a script, casting, financing your porn, and how to get your movies to the intended audience (even if that audience is just you and your partner).

The Zen Submissive

How to Process Pain and practical skills for submissives.

This will be a hands on workshop. Wear comfortable clothes that you are able to stretch and move around in. It’s always a good idea to bring pen and paper for note taking and networking.

  • Identifying what it means to be a Zen Submissive aka a strong submissive, a centered submissive, a politically active member of the bdsm community, a feminist/humanist submissive
  • Basic overview of submissive communication skills, stretching for bondage, safe words, how to play safe,negotiating scenes,a limits list(hard limits and soft limits)
  • Identifying visualization skills on how to process pain as erotic and healing energy.
  • Exploring different methods on how to become present in your submission and with in your body.
  • Exploring methods of expressing pain and eroticism through vocalization.
  • Discussing how submissives can serve their dominants through vocal,physical and energetic expression of pain,eroticism,submission and more.

Punk Rock Tantra

exploring the connection between music, sex and tantric energy. This workshop will focus on locating chakras, cultivating energy with in those points with in our body, and moving that energy through our body to create erotic pleasure with the help of breath and music. Breathe yourself to orgasm and at the same time have climactic punk rock high energy music fusing with the class.


I have had the great pleasure of teaching different sexual education workshops since 2003 and have been performing in the adult industry since 2002. Since 2003 I've facilitated workshops, spoken on panels, and given presentations on sexual techniques and politics at Yale University, Berkeley University, women run sex stores in San Francisco, Seattle, Denver, LA, NYC, Milwaukee, Minnesota, Chicago, Brooklyn, Amsterdam, Toronto,Canada, Berlin, Sydney, Australia, and at numerous BDSM Conferences around the world. It gives me great pleasure to give the gift of pleasure and to help facilitate greater knowledge of the body, body confidence, connection, and pleasure between partners. I look forward to getting to know you.


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